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All of our handmade dumplings are cooked to order and paired with a special dipping sauce.

Pork and Ginger pan-fried in a wheat wrapper served with our Happiness Sauce

Chicken and Shiitake pan-fried in a wheat wrapper served with a Miso Mustard Sauce

Artichoke, Spring Onions and Potatoes pan-fried in a wheat wrapper served with a Garlic Wasabi Kewpie Aioli (V)


Scallion Pancake is a flaky grilled pastry that is hand-rolled and layered with fresh scallions. Put an egg on it! (V)

Mapo’mame are sautéed edamame pods in a classic spicy Sichuan pepper sauce (V)


This is just a sample of the rotating specials. Visit the trailer or twitter for the real deal!

Scallion Panquesadilla features our delicious Scallion Pancake with melted cheese, pork cotton candy, sriraracha and cilantro. Put an egg on this too!

Glass Gyoza  is pork and water chestnut stuffed chicken skin and fried to a crisp and served with Lime Sichuan Pepper dip (GF)


WonTons of Chocolate are fried wontons featuring Austin’s own Miles of Chocolate drizzled with a candied ginger gastrique